Tips for understanding Solar Energy

  • About 5000 trillion kWh/year energy is incident over India's land area.
  • Most parts receiving 4 - 7 kWh/m2/day.
  • 1% of land area is sufficient to meet electricity needs of India till 2031.
  • Most of India has solar insolation above 1800 kWh/ m2/ day.
  • 250 - 300 clear and sunny days in a year.

Why rooftop Solar PV?

  1. On national level, reduces requirement of land for addition of solar capacities
  2. For consumers, it Reduces the dependency on grid power Mitigates diesel generator dependency Long term reliable power source
  3. For Power Utilities and Distribution companies, it reduces Day Peak load Demand Transmission, Distribution and conversion losses as power is consumed at the point of generation
  4. Most suitable for commercial establishments Max generation during peak usage time Solar power cost is close to the commercial power cost

1 KW of Solar Panel

  • Generates 5 units per day
  • Requires 10 sqm of shadow free rooftop space
  • Panels come warrantied for 25 years